Sunday, April 03, 2011


So, we've decided not to spill the beans on what we're naming our little guy until he's born.

For us, it's saves us a bunch of headaches, both emotionally and literally.

What we're trying to avoid is the reactions people have to certain names. I've heard so many stories — from friends and bloggers — about how people reacted to potential names.

"Oh, I knew a guy named Soandso. We hooked up during spring break and he gave me the clap."

"You're going to name your son that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"My uncles named Soandso. He smelled like soup."

And so on.

But in the process, it turns out some people have been offended by our choice. Which leads me to my question: Is it really any business of anyone besides me, Dave, and the boy? Should I really care?


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Everyone has an opinion, and no, you shouldn't care one bit.

Miss Dallas said...

See, that's what I initially thought. I mean, it is OUR FAMILY, and these are OUR DECISIONS to make. I just didn't want to risk offending members of our support system, yanno? I guess they'll love the little guy no matter what we name him.

Lemon Gloria said...

Offended? That's really bizarre. It's not anyone's business but yours. Maybe they're offended because they think it means you don't trust/care about them? It's still weird, though.

BigChalupa said...

It's cool, I already know you're naming the kid Kristin, so I'm not offended in the least.

Midge said...

More and more people I know are doing that. I think it adds a little excitement and drama, especially since everyone finds out the sex right away.

MattJ said...

After hearing some particularly unenlightened comments on the terraces at a Rugby League match, a wise friend of mine said 'It's OK Matt, everyone's entitled to their opinion........even if they are a fucking idiot'

And that about sums it up, its your son and its your right to call him Ignacious Pinkerton von Nippleslip-England III if you so choose.

Please call him that. That would be awesome.