Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fall Fast Approaches

Well folks, we made it through another August in Texas.

I won't say we enjoyed the weeks of 100-plus-degree heat, and I'll admit that we cursed the great state a few times, often saying, "FUCK THIS! I AM MOVING AS SOON AS I CAN!"

But Mother Nature, in all of her charity, granted us a reprieve yesterday in the form of an epic rain shower that drenched us (edit: is STILL DRENCHING US) and brought temperatures down to 74 degrees.

Yes, people, it is 74 degrees and rainy. In Dallas.

The weather has got the idea of blessedly cooler temperatures stuck in my craw. Which also means I need to edit my knitting projects for fall accessorizing.

Things I will be knitting include:

A new slouchy hat (maybe lace)
A new pair of fingerless mitts
A cowl

I really wanted a pair of legwarmers last year, but I got caught up in holiday knitting for others. This year, I will not be giving handknit gifts outside of ones I have already started. I find that there is such an investment on my part with these gifts, and that investment is rarely appreciated.

But fall, and boot weather can't come fast enough. (I have my eyes on these boots in brown, by the way)

What's on your brain as Fall approaches?


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

People do not appreciate the handmade! I made my mother a sweater- an awesome sweater, and she was like "Oh, nice, do I have to wear it?"

Miss Dallas said...

Tell me she didn't say that. I would be so pissed, and then I'd take it back, and find someone to give it to that would appreciate it's awesomeness.