Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tomorrow's High: 90 F

Folks all over are posting about autumn's slow arrival. I read this tweet just a second ago by @thematesofstate:


  1. Weather on Trash Night: it's raining and about 67 degrees. Autumn makes her first showing of the year, and I welcome her per-ushhh.

Here, we're just happy to have days that don't hit triple digits. In fact, today it got ALL THE WAY DOWN TO 89F DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS.

Meaning: I had to take the dogs on a W-A-L-K, which is how we say "walk" in our house, lest we not get puppies over-excited.

On Saturday, though, we went to a wedding. It got up to 107F. Initially, the bride and groom planned to have the ceremony outside. In August. In Texas. With people wearing satin and tuxedos.


I love weddings, though. Put a check in a card and get dolled up, amiright? Only, there was no dancing or booze at this wedding. It was ceremony then thanksforthecheckpeace!


That's OK. I got dolled up anyway.


Then, we had some friends over. They were awesome. Well, they still are awesome.



Tomorrow, the high is 90F. Sounds like puppy-walking weather to me.

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Lemon Gloria said...

Look how beautiful and glamorous you are! (Personally, I hate weddings except for those of my nearest and dearest, but I do like getting dressed up.)