Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Out of the park, out of this world

(Editor's note: Next post will be the epic recollection of my weekend at my parents' house almost a month ago. Those who held out for it will be dee-lighted. Promise!)

Last night I practically raced home from yoga class. As we were leaving the yoga room, I spied people with jaws agape, eyes glassy and fixed on a hanging television (i.e. the American national facade), and I knew they were watching the All Star Home Run Derby. But what was even moreso transfixing was that local Ranger great Josh Hamilton was killing the competition in the first round. I raced to my car, turned up ESPN radio all the way home, ran inside without unloading the car to watch the rest of the derby. I dare you to watch these 28 home runs at Yankee Stadium and not be in total awe of this man. He has beaten addiction to come back and live what can only be defined as a gracious, humble greatness.

Regardless of the fact that Hamilton lost to a very obliging Justin Morneau, Hamilton was and is the star of the All Star break.


Olivia said...

So funny when it bounced up against the back wall, and those two officers were running out behind the fan who retrieved it. I can't imagine what power he put behind it, in the slo mo it looks like he taps it with the tip, but then you see the momentum when he can't stop the outswing after contact. Amazing! He looks really fit too.

But did he do them all one after the other? Like an exhibition?

Because I've never seen no catcher and the guy bowling from behind a net before....*confused*

Jo said...

It was one after the other. It's called the Home Run Derby. Basically, all these sluggers try to hit the most home runs and their batting practice coach tosses the ball for them.

So funny that you called pitching "bowling"! It's baseball, not cricket! :D

Olivia said...

I know! I wracked my brain and couldn't remember the word!

MattJ said...

That's pretty awesome, even if it is a silly game :p