Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does headset=tool?

I cannot stand Bluetooth headsets or the people that wear them. I am not fond of the people that wear them even when they aren't talking on the phone.

With that said, I'm getting a Bluetooth headset. I'm joining the precise group of morons I can't stand. Well, only when I'm driving.

I have this thing about driving with a phone in my hand -- I can't do it properly. Ever since I got in my first accident in downtown Houston while talking on the phone and driving I've been quite terrified of driving while on my cellphone. I almost never do it.

There is, though, the occasional call I absolutely must make while driving. So, instead of being scared out of my wits I'm going to do the next best thing, become a complete tool with a blue light stuck in my ear. Fucking cyborgs!

I think I'm going to write Motorola and ask the bastards to at least make the headsets a little more discreet. I mean, a blue light? And making the thing black and all sorts of colors? I don't want to advertise the fact that I'm becoming a frickin' tool!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Just make sure you take it off at the dinner table, or else you'll really be a knob.

Anonymous said...

The little blue light does serve a purpose. And it's there to stop you looking a total knob. When you start walking along the street and all of a sudden you start talking to yourself, the little blue light lets me know that you aren't totally off your trolley, but just a partial knob with a BT headset. ;-)

If BT headsets were made to be discreet, then anyone using one runs the risk of being locked up...

Jo said...

Good point, fam.

Olivia said...

I thought holding a handset while driving was outlawed years ago (in TX at least). My cuz has the whole BT system built into his car with buttons on the steering wheel. Took me ages to figure out where the mic was while shouting at various spots on the dashboard because the person on the other line couldn't hear me - it's in a console above the rearview mirror. LOL!

MattJ said...

I briefly considered getting a tossermatic 2000 but couldn't bring myself to do it, the only time I am willing to forgive people for having them is if they are mini cab drivers, and even then only whilst they are actually driving! lol! I have a particular dislike of people who hold the phone in their hand whilst talking into their nobulator.

*breathe!* Resist the dark side Jo! :p

heheheheh! my word verification thingy is puuky - perfect description of the loathsome devices we are discussing!