Sunday, April 06, 2008

My life was made for weekends like this

It's phenomenal that it's April in Texas and we've turned on our most hallowed appliance, our air conditioner, only once! Right now I'm sitting in our living room, watching the boys of summer and sipping on an extra cold pineapple horchata. I feel so relaxed, like I've done nothing all day, but I've done so much this weekend it's hard to remember everything I've accomplished.

The weather, sunny and slightly cool, was the only incentive I needed to do some much-needed yard work. Before Dave's back went out, he had pulled up half of the hedges in our front yard and then left them by the side of the house to put out for heavy trash day. The following weekend, Father-in-Bob came over to show me how to use the electric hedge trimmer because I've never used one. Seriously. I've never used a push-mower either. Needless to say, many hedges were trimed and many branches were pruned and much trash was gathered by the side of the house to put out for heavy trash day.

Well, Dave usually does the majority of the hauling of heavy things around this house. He also does the majority of the jar-opening, trash-taking and dishwashing. Well, at least he did before his back went out.

Yesterday it was all up to me to haul all of the branches to the curb. It took me at least 3 hours and forty bajillion trips to the curb and back to et all of the god-forsaken limbs and leaves to the curb for heavy-frickin'-trash day. Eff that. I get much more joy from pruning and hedge trimming than I get from the disposal of the branches and crap. Dave, though, likes the haulin'. Weird kid he is.

So, lots of yard work was done, roses were staked, hedges were clipped, weeds were pulled and so on and so on. It was much more fun than it sounds because I had a nice, cold beer by my side and warm sun on my shoulders. In between rounds of hauling and clipping and pulling we both sat out on our deck and soaked up our yard, which is quickly turning into awesome.


Today I woke up late, on purpose. I love doing that. Most of the times I wake up late the first thing I do is freak out and yell, "DAVEOHMYGODWE'REGOINGTOBELATE!!!!"

Dave knows that that exclamation is an outright lie. "We're" not going to be late. "I'm" going to be late. If we didn't carpool, Dave would never be late. It doesn't matter what time Dave wakes up, he's always ready to go on time. Why? Because it factors out for him. If he wakes up 5 minutes late, that's 5 minutes off of his morning regimen. That means, not brushing your hair, or, maybe, not putting on deoderant. Sometimes it means wearing the clothes you wore yesterday, all because Dave just doesn't do "late." These things, however, are things I can't skip. Period.


Back to today. Dave and I started drinking pretty much right after our breakfast of peaches and cream oatmeal. We emptied a bottle of blanc de noirs with some fresh orange juice. Best mimosas ever. Then it was a bottle of Famega Vinho Verde. We wend through half a bottle of Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc before one of the klutzy dogs ran into the table and knocked my wine glass over, pretty much ending our boozing spree.

Because I can't stand baking late at night, I started making dough for pizza and ciabatta early this morning. I had planned on making eggplant parmigiana pizza. I know I mentioned that we had been boozing a little. One of the side affects of boozing is laziness. Sometimes, often unexpectedly, laziness is a good thing. Like today, I was too lazy to crust the eggplant and all that jazz that I used leftover grilled chicken, peppers and onions from our fajita dinner Friday night. It was probably one of the best pizzas I have ever made. So frickin tasty, and it was ridiculous easy, too, which is good because I was super lazy.

I am looking forward to having a sandwich on that ciabatta bread later this week. That should be good, too.

And that's about all the randomness I can muster.


Olivia said...

I love your random posts, Jo.

I thought you guys were having temps in the 80s. Yes, I guess in the lower half of the 80s you're ok without A/C but when it gets to the upper, energy starts to drain.

It snowed yesterday, which you may find out whenever you ramble by my blog.

What pollens are out right now in Dallas?

Re Dave not doing late, how do men do that? Not one part of my morning routine can I skip, not even breakfast.

One thing I don't get is after I eat breakfast I brush my teeth, that's about 4 minutes. Then I put on make up which is between 5-8 mins. How, then, whenever I check the clock after that, has half an hour passed?


MattJ said...

We don't do late cos late is annoying! lol!

I am quite lucky though, if it comes down to the wire, I can skip everything altogether and shower etc. once at work. Bizarrely they don't notice the fact that turning up half hour late and disappearing for a half hour are exactly the same thing. :D

Course at the moment its all early days and late nights but what ya gonna do?

80+ huh? I personally think that any temperature above 14 degrees C is classed under 'tropical' but then I'm Welsh and we don't class it as rain unless it travels horizontally ;)

Jo said...

Liv, you're not going to believe this, but the high this weekend was 80 F. With the windows and doors open, the cross wind and shady trees kept us cool (that and the ice-cold wine!)

I was telling Dave this weekend "I want this weather for the rest of my life!"

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

What a great weekend! I hope Dave starts feeling better.

The Ex said...

So, I can no longer read this blog because no I'm STARVING and THIRSTY for tasty alcoholic beverages!

Olivia said...

You're a bit over the average temps for April. Most I remember were in the upper 60s-low 70s and picture perfect.

Here we're a little below average.
sooo fed up of my coat, it's like a second skin.

Jo said...

The only coat Im sporting right now is my trench coat. We're getting a lot of rain this spring. Two years ago we were locked in a numbing drought, and now we're flash flooding every other weekend!

BTW: Pollen is crazy right now. My blue car looks green from all the yellow pollen!