Friday, December 07, 2007

Days are getting shorter

I'm burning daylight under fluorescents these days. I'm here at my desk by 8 a.m. most days and I don't leave until we finish the issue, which is usually around 6 p.m. or so. I don't usually take a lunch per se, though during lunch time I can be found nibbling on crackers and slurping on soup while dicking around on the Internet. At my desk.

I've become fairly aware of my desks surroundings, though all that surrounds me is a four-foot radius of one-third of a wall. People can approach me on all sides. I am ambushed by needy people daily.

Because I'm a cubicle in a sea of fishbowl-like offices, people assume that because they can approach me over my one-third wall that I actually want them to. And because I'm hearing impaired, any time I hear someone around me I turn around to check things out because who knows, they might actually need to tell me something important, though its rare.

So, after 10 hours of basking in fluorescent lights and staring into a monitor I'd love nothing more than to walk out of the dimly lit building to wince at the bright sunshine and smell the acrid, exhaust laden air of downtown Dallas. But, by the time I'm out of here it's dark.

I like the cool temperatures of winter, but this daylight saving crap has got to go.


Olivia said...

I know - darker mornings are ok, just so we can have some daylight after work!

So you have a cubicle? What is it with cubicles? Everywhere I've worked here is open plan - which means people are unavoidable. It's most unnerving when, every time you look up, the same guy is staring at you. Nice for exchanging comments with your neighbour, but then nothing is private so you can't check email, and you can't keep a sneeze to yourself.

lotus07 said...

Here in the Southwest, any change of season (illumination or temperature) is a welcome change form the constant sunshine and dry heat. Walking home in the evening (I don't commute) with my iPod on and low overhead rain-laden clouds after dusk is something that keeps me sane these gives me time to think.