Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lobstera: Queen of the shellfish

Sunburned? Me? Actually, my archnemesis, Shrimp Boat Captain, dipped me halfway into a pot of boiling brine before my army of crustaceans was able to rescue me. That's why my arms and neck are a punchy shade of crimson.

All right. Fine. I went golfing, and idiot that I am, I forgot to put on sunscreen. Conditions were perfect for a less than average 18-holes and a skin searing. Had fun though.




Jessica's wedding was this past weekend, and it was neat getting all gussied up with my sisters. I ran around, hammed it up and acted like a complete ass. Worth it. Totally. This whole weekend really reminded me why I treasure my family like I do. They just get me, you know? Like we speak our own language when we're together, so many memories tangled up that one word or phrase can make them flood an entire room with laughter.

Thursday night, when we arrived at my parents house, we had wine (3 bottles) and cheese with roasted chicken. I was so spoiled this past weekend with great food and wine. I'll be punishing myself this week for all that gastronomic sin. Like my sunburn isn't punishment enough, right?

Hopefully I'll have pictures from my sister Sara to post here later. In the mean time, take a look at that crazy backswing!!!


Olivia said...

Awww, you can ask for nothing better from your family than that they "get you".

So many people don't have that nice relationship with their family, and there is so much missing from their lives.

P.S. I never imagined you were a golfer!
P.S.2 Nice pine trees :)

lunaliar said...

It's really great that my new brother and sister in-laws all really get me, too. Our family dynamic, however dysfunctional it can be at times, is better than many other families that I have hung out with. This is mostly because everything's out in the open; we don't hide importants stuff and we all celebrate each one's successes.

Oh, and I love golf! Been playing for many years now. Funny thing though, Brent, one of my brother in-laws, is from Scotland, and he played with my brother, father and I, and rather well I might add. We all kept joking that the game is in his blood!

Oh, and aren't those pine trees fantastic! I miss them already!

Olivia said...

Although the Chinese also claim to have invented golf a few thousand years before the Scots. Tut.

I had chili for lunch yesterday, cooked at an office cafeteria, and there were even tacos with the salad put in, and some sour cream. BUT no salsa or guacamole. I was shocked to see taco shells on public offer in London :P

lunaliar said...

Taco shells? In LONDON? CRAZY!!!! The end of the world is eminent when refried beans hit the cafeteria warmers on a regular basis!

Olivia said...

Hehe! That's something I haven't yet seen outside of Tex Mex restaurants.

Something I wish they would sell here is Kraft cheese so I cuold make some spicy queso to go with the tortilla chips they now sell in abundance...

I did recently find new flavours of Heinz baked beans - including curry, Thai and Mexican...

lunaliar said...

WHAT?? THey have curry baked beans in London and we don't??? that's messed up!

Velveeta does make the best spicy queso with some Ro-Tel tomatoes! Yummmmmmm.... Pateurized Cheeze Product!

Olivia said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm stoooooop!
And it has to be simmered in a hot pot, which I heard recently was mostly popular in Texas.

Darn...I forgot it was called Velveeta :(