Friday, September 01, 2006

"Labor Daze"

Dave, Fitzgerald and I will pack up the Jeep and head out to Houston this weekend for baseball, beer and camaraderie! Pictures will be posted upon my return!


Matt said...

Hehe. I went to Twickenham last Saturday for the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final - my team won, w00t! Had a bunch of friends come down to stay and we all headed up there on Saturday. Maybe off to Manchester next month for the Superleague final which we may also be in! I hope we are as I wasn't able to take pics last Saturday cos my memory card for teh new camera hadn't arrived.

What's your B Ball team again? Pete (my fellow Saints fan) is a red socks supporter, but I am willing to throw my hat in the ring with you and Dave even though I never watch the game just to annoy him lol!

Matt said...

Live sends her apologies btw, she's having trouble leaving comments on your blog! It's just being weird with me, only allowing me toi log in with my google rather than my blogger account. So Matt si the same as MattJ OK?

Arty said...

Oh Look! Someone on P27 said something about Google Blogger login, so I decided to give it a try.

Lookig forward to pics of Houston!

Arty said...

YAY! It worked! Have NO idea why I am Arty, though...(tis me LIV!)

lunaliar said...

Liv! (aka arty) :) I'll have pics up soon as I can! Work is hectic, and I'm having troubles stealing a few minutes from THE MAN to post pics from the baseball game and one with Fitzgerald and his cousin Trinity! :)

Olivia said...

Darn, I'd left a comment and again the same prob. It seems I must sign in ith my Google acct here, and have no idea why it calls me Arty, as that ;s what I am on 20six and Platform27.
Solution: as you see i have done.

I dare not even read a blog at work, and I only snatch peeks at email during lunch. Nice thing is I get my blog coments sent to inbox.

Sorry for crap typing, am tired.