Monday, January 30, 2006

And I thought I had it bad...

You can't even understand how disgusted I was. I mean I was gagging when I saw two under-30 Hispanic women picking up the trash at the Lovers Lane Station with, get this, NO GLOVES!!! Not even the latex ones that that you see in the doctor's office. These women were transferring refuse from one disease-laden container to another without wearing any protection!

Does the city of Dallas not provide these women with gloves, or are they so confident that there isn't some spent needle from some random junkie in there, just waiting to poke and infect them with whatever terrible affliction said junkie is carrying? Do these women have a death wish or is this just the tip of the mammoth public health issue iceberg?


Dave was kind of congested when we got back from Santa Fe, so much so that his ears wouldn't pop and he had no shortage of phlegm. After going to the doctor and getting some prescription decongestants and other stuff, he was feeling better.

I woke on Saturday at about 10:00 a.m. feeling less than optimal. So, I grabbed a book, my knitting and the paper and decided to stay in bed a bit longer. When Dave returned from his Saturday shift he noticed I wasn't quite up to snuff. He offered me some of the decongestants that the doctor had prescribed for him. "No way!" I countered. "I never take prescription drugs without a script. Never!"

Every time I'm offered a few pills out of someone else's prescription I'm always reminded of the Heroin Bob's plight a la SLC Punk. Heaven forfend I chaise a prescription pain pill with whiskey and not wake up the next morning.

Remember Heroin Bob when a friend offers you a little off the top of their prescription...

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