Thursday, December 08, 2005

Baby, it's cold outside ...

Well, it is for Texans at least. Right now it's 17 F, which for all of you Metric readers, is 15 F below freezing and -8 C. So yeah, it's cold. In fact, this is the coldest day of the year so far. We got a few flurries of snow last night, it didn't stick but it sure ushered in some wonderful ice. I walked out my front door this morning on to the stoop and finally ... FINALLY ... it felt like winter. It won't get above freezing for the rest of the week, which is interesting because we couldn't stay below 70 F (21 C) last week. That's weather in Texas.

My mother called this morning, just minutes before I woke up, to inquire about the "snow." She said that she heard we got a couple of inches. Well, while I was walking to the train station this morning, I was wishing that we had gotten a couple of inches, because maybe that would have made the blistering cold wind, which made half of my face numb, worth it to some degree. A glistening, white landscape would have taken my mind off of the pains of winter, which include long-handled underwear, layering socks, ugly stocking caps and not being able to get your contacts in because you turned the heat off before you went too bed and now the saline solution they're stored in is so cold that it burns your eyes when you attempt to place a contact lens on your cornea.


I was knitting on the train this morning and a woman asked me what I was making. (I cannot divulge what exactly I was making, but it's really, really pretty.) After learning how to pattern stitch last night, I'm just really excited about knitting! How nuts is that? I mean, it's fun and yeah, it's difficult, but how often does a hobby produce something that's not only fashionable but very pretty and totally useful? So, knitting is teh w1n!

The only downside to knitting is that you want so badly to stock up on all kinds of yarn, and yarn can be very, VERY expensive.

Like, I spent over $65 last night on YARN! YARN FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

Anywho. Maybe soon I'll learn how to make socks! I gotta buy some circular needles first. I'm thinking about asking for one of those Denise sets for Christmas or my birthday. That'd be cool.


Aubbie said...

Knitting is so rewarding. I'm currently making a sweater that is black with a gold skull on the front. *argh* Go pirates!

lunaliar said...