Wednesday, June 29, 2005

All Aboard...

A flyer for "Truth Be Told," a play about female inmates in Texas prisons, is hung on the window to her office. Immediately upon reading about the play on the bill taped to the side of her hazed and glossy window I wanted to buy a $20 ticket and seat myself amidst the other connoiseurs of performance art that I'm sure are held up somewhere in this town.

The rail ride here was A-mazing. Really, it was. I wouldn't have thought that fate works, but trust me, that intangible concept is busting its bottom for me. I was jogging behind a woman to board the train this morning, and after we both climed and clutched the train's rails closely, I introduced myself. She, unlike several Dallasites that I've had the pleasure of being snubbed by, actually greeted me and reciprocated my joyous morning in word. Not only was she nice, and informative, but she works in the same building! Weird, eh?

Everyone here is really fascinating. Already on the first day I have attended two meetings, one of which was a bit difficult to deal with.

There's a new cafeteria downstairs, and it opened today, just for me (not really).

Am I learning something? You betcha. Am I scared out of my wits? Not anymore. Am I ready to take over this town? I already am, one smile at a time.

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